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Meridian has partnered with Medical Oxygen for All (MOfA), a Non-Government Initiative to help provide medical grade oxygen cylinders, canisters, concentrators, and generators, for the districts and cities in India which are beyond the spot light of the mainstream media.

Your donation will go a long way to helping those in remote India to get access to the care they need.

MOfA credit card donation

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About Meridian

Meridian Global is a foundation seeking to inspire everyday philanthropy in everyday people, through our community of ‘mates who donate.’

You can read more about our unique model here but in short, our goal is grow our foundation to a point where we can give away $1 million every year, in perpetuity.

When we met the MOfA team we were inspired by their rapid response to the current crisis in India and wanted to do what we can to help.

As a one-off giving opportunity we have partnered, to create the Meridian Global – MOfA appeal, to enable our community to make tax deductible donations to assist MOfA in their effort to support India through the crisis they currently face.

Since 2005, we’ve been helping everyday people become everyday philanthropists. Each year we bring together our community of mates who donate – professionals looking to give back in a sustainable way.