Our Unique Giving Model

We Do Things A Little Differently

How our model works


For just $90 a month (about the amount you’d likely spend on a coffee each day!) you can become a donor and everyday philanthropist. This fully tax-deductible donation makes you a part of our annual Giving Circle.


By becoming a donor, you also become eligible to nominate a charity to receive one of our annual grants. Our Board shortlists all nominated charities and the top 3 are then invited to pitch at our Giving Circle event.


Our annual Giving Circle is our event of the year! It’s structured like a ‘charitable shark tank’ – our three shortlisted charities pitch to our donors why they should get the biggest grant and our donors get to vote. But don’t worry – all 3 charities walk away with something on the night!

Tell a Mate

Our goal is to get our fund to a size where we can give away $1M a year. To achieve this we need your help. If you can think of someone like you – that would love to give back in a tangible and sustainable way – then why not bring them along to one of our events?

Wait, wait wait..

Reaching our goal of giving away $1M in perpetuity is going to take some patience. Based on current projections, we estimate we’ll be there by 2040. Good things take time and for the sake of sustainable giving, we’re willing to wait!

Since 2005, we’ve been helping everyday people become everyday philanthropists. Each year we bring together our community of mates who donate – professionals looking to give back in a sustainable way.